Monday, August 31, 2009

Spencer's longest streak yet

Spencer has had more visits to the doctor, urgent care and ER then the rest of the family combined - easily. Sometimes for asthma-related problems. But, he is more famous for stitches. Since he's had glasses (it's been a year now), he has been accident-free. Coincidence? I don't know. By the way, be sure to go here and check out his last incident. It's kind of gross - that's your warning.
You can see where this is going.
Friday morning 7:30am - Spencer and Clay drag me out of bed to pour them a bowl of cereal (Koby did this by himself at Spencer's age - it's time Spencer learns).
7:33am - I climb back in bed, throw the covers over my head, and try to make my headache go away.
7:40 - Koby wakes up, lots of noise.
7:43 - More noise, a loud bang (Spencer's head hitting the corner of the wall), crying, blood all over my bed (of course, I had just cleaned the sheets the day before).
I have dealt with a lot of blood in my few short years of raising boys, so don't really flip out anymore. I stripped Spencer down and threw him in the bath so I could run water over his head and figure out what we had to deal with. We got the bleeding to stop and I determined he would probably need stitches (which was confirmed by a neighborhood nurse).
8:30 - Doctor's office is opened now, so we can call to make an appointment. No way I am going to Urgent Care. In my mind, this is not an emergency that needs to be taken care of immediately, why pay more money than I have to?
9:05 - Carpool duty
9:45 - Doctor Simmons to the rescue. Just three stitches, but necessary ones.
Spence is five and has had stitches four different times for a grand total of 18 stitches (my husband keeps track!)
I have to tell you what a trooper Spencer is too. Koby flips out if the doctor looks at him, let alone touches. Spence sat still and didn't budge or make a sound as the doctor gave him 3 shots on the back of his head to numb him. He told me it hurt a little. He was just happy that he could still get to school on time! Here's the one pic I have, it's hard to really see it though...


AJ said...

Poor little guy. Maybe you should call him bumpy instead of Spencer. It might be a better fit. Sure hope Spencer is feeling better and glad he could make it to school. Most kids would use it as and excuse to get out of school. Now you can hold this over his head for when he gets older.

The Russell's said...

There's got to be a life lesson in all this for him - pooe little one - I think every family has a "Boo-Boo" - that's what we call our poor little one who's been to the urgent care and ER most!

Katie Smith said...

Yikes! That kid has had it rough. Sounds like he's a good sport though. I love the way you tell your stories. So funny!

Lydia Moon said...

You poor girl! My boy is more accident prone than my girl too. But my girl is the one who has been to the ER - twice! Hopefully Spencer will grow out of this soon. :)

summer said...

OUCH! Way to be brave Spencer! Glad he is OK and that it had been awhile since he had been in! :)