Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The world of a 7 year old boy

It was time for me to clean through closets, drawers and cupboards last week. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this little bin that Koby had been accumulating stuff in for a month or so. I finally had enough energy one afternoon while the boys were in school to tackle my projects. I was entering the world of a 7 year old boy. I found all sorts of treasures. He had a back pack inside the bin. It was full of all his "weapons", including a light saber, sling shot, a few swords, a butter knife and a marshmallow shooter. Among the other treasures were a series of books, an empty soda bottle, birthday cards, a wooden box with some sort of bone inside (idk, it was weird!) and other random things. I also found a box full of "pirate treasure" under the bed. I let my boys have a junk drawer in their room, so I went through that as well. I do that about once a month and throw away kids meal toys, etc. I must say it was sort of fun, and Koby didn't even mind when I consolidated everything into the backpack and got rid of the bin. I didn't mention the things I threw away and he didn't ask!
The other day my sister was over and Koby was sitting in time out. She was getting a kick out of what a 7 year old boy does in that situation - He takes advantage of the time to practice making body noises with his armpit!
I wonder if I'm growing another one of these in my bulging belly?


Jonn said...

Koby is the cutest little guy and you are the best Mom! Thanks for the photos, because it allowed me to look for some of my missing stuff (but no luck!). I guess my stuff doesn't appeal to 7 year-olds. Love you! Dad

Kim said...

You are seriously such a good mom! I'm laughing so hard at you and at Dad's comment! Funny people.
Have a safe trip. Call me if you're bored.

Jason and Summer, but really just Summer said...

OH I'm happy to see seven year old boys collect stuff like a seven year old girl does! To funny!! I'm excited to see you guys this week (well I hope you have time even if it's only for a few minutes). Happy you are getting some energy back!

The Russell's said...

this ALL sounds so familiar! Koby's so neat and such a boy!

Julie said...

Don't you just love having lots of boys! I, too find all sorts of treasures similar to Koby's. So cute!