Saturday, October 10, 2009

A picture's worth a thousand words

My camera broke. We finally got a new one. It is crummy. But, we haven't exchanged it yet. So, this is my excuse for not blogging lately. What fun is a post without pictures?
But, tonight I witnessed something (I see this almost daily actually) and thought I needed a picture of it. I don't have a picture, so you get to hear about it instead.
Koby and Spencer have never been like some kids who always want to say every prayer. They are more shy or embarrassed or who-knows-what. Clay, on the other hand yells, "MY TURN!" every time we have family prayer. So, he says prayer about every other time. It is fun to see his excitement. But, the miracle in it all is that Koby and Spencer are happy and excited to be the one to help Clay. As I watched my boys kneeling down (with their heads on the ground resting over their folded arms) praying together it made me happy. THIS is what's important. Nothing else. That my children can feel close to their Heavenly Father and trust Him. That they follow Him and our Savior throughout their lives. That makes one happy mom!


Kim said...

So sweet!
John just had the business buy a new camera because he needed one that took better video, so you can have my old one (which really isn't old at all!!)

Katie Smith said...

That is really sweet. That would make me a happy Mom too!

I miss I get to see you this week, or is it crappy carpool week? Excuse my language. :)

Tina said...

How sweet!