Monday, October 12, 2009

Nothin' like 'em

I drove my three little boys to Colorado on the most successful trip through Wyoming I've ever experienced (the drive home was not the same). We spent four days there and had a blast with cousins (although we missed dad). Then, we brought Grandma Jennis (Brandon's mom) home with us for five more days! WAHOO! It was great. Grandpa, Aunt Kelsey, Aunt Mallory and cousin Cade joined us for a couple days before they all left Saturday morning. What a fun time we had!
There were several hi-lites, none of which are captured in pictures unfortunately. But, shoe shopping was hilarious. We spent over an hour in the Kohl's shoe department. Clay was thrilled to get a pair of real skateboard shoes (cute clunky Vans). Spencer decided on the Sketchers with Police lights. Koby was the reason we were there for so long. He is my child, no doubt about it. We can't make decisions. It is frustrating to us all. When he finally narrowed it down to two different pairs, he had to conduct a real scientific study before making his final choice. He put one pair on and ran to the end of the department and back (all along counting in his 7 year old head). Then did the same thing with the other pair. The Z straps were 3 seconds faster, so he now owns them! Boy or Girl, I don't care, there's nothin' like a new pair of shoes! Just ask Clay, who fell asleep with his on the other night! Thanks G and G for the all the fun and all the loot! We love you!


Jason and Summer, but really just Summer said...

He sure is your kid! To funny. It was so much fun to see you! You will have to fill me on the ride home. At least you had Grandma with you. Know we are thinking of you!