Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too Early?

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I LOVE it! Everything about it. My sister recently reminded me of my feelings for Christmas night. It is the worst, it's over, all the anticipation, the feelings, emotions, it is over and that is depressing. I normally take all my decorations down immediately. They are just cruel reminders to me that the season is no more.
That being said, I do normally respect Thanksgiving and wait until the day after to set up my Christmas decorations. Although the Christmas music starts in our home in early November. For some reason my boys are extra anxious for Christmas this year. They started asking right after Halloween if we could put our Christmas decorations up. I was able to hold them off until last weekend, when we made a deal. They could put their tree up in their room and paint the nutcrackers they have been bugging about for their own little decorations. They were so excited, and now keep asking to put the rest of the decorations up. I think this weekend I will cave. (Who am I kidding, I can't wait either!) After all, if we go to Colorado for Thanksgiving, I will want to come home to a Christmas house!


Connie said...

Your boys are adorable and it's so sweet to see them making decorations.

I leave my decorations up until New Year's Day - I just can't bear to part with the lights before then.

Happy Holidays!

Crystel said...

This is how I see it: its called the holiday SEASON. Not the holiday month. Therefore, anything goes at any point after Halloween! I hope you enjoy your Christmas house! :)

The Russell's said...

With the baby on the way so SOON - we decided to skip Thanksgiving decorations all together - except for the front door - our kids our SO excited for the Christmas decorations to come out and have already sat down to start their wish lists! I say end of October is not TOO EARLY for Christmas - more time to linger in the season!

Jason and Summer, but really just Summer said...

LUCKY!! I wanted to put my decorations up before I left but ran out of time. Love the nutcrackers!! What a cute idea...where did you get them? That looks like a good size tree in the boys room, I;m sure they are loving it! Keep me posted on your Thanksgiving plans.