Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life of a carless stay-at-home mom

This is getting depressing. I have been to the Bean Museum (for FHE with my fam) and the eye doctor this week. I had a meeting here on Tuesday, and Brandon has been gone last night and tonight, so no hope of even getting out in the evenings. No workouts even!
Thanks to my mom, I have still been able to take care of my carpool responsibilities.
I hope I don't go totally crazy. It is too late, of course, to not go crazy at all!
Just feeling sorry for myself in a public sort of way - now I'm done! Thanks.


Janet said...

I'm sorry

What happened to your car?

Cyndi said...

What happened to your car?

I feel for you.

Jason and Summer, but really just Summer said...

I feel your pain!! So Brandon has been taking the car to work I'm guessing? Any luck in the search for a second car? Remember when I did not have a car and I talked you into walking to the mall with me? Fun times. At least it was warm out so we could do that. With this weather it makes it a little harder for you to even go on walks with the kids. I'm so sorry Cami. Hopefully not to much longer!!

Lydia Moon said...

I gather from Summer's comment that you only have one car right now. That is rough!

Here's hoping you get out this weekend! Are you looking to buy another car soon?