Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Seester

We have always been close friends. Growing up, through high school, getting married, having children...and I feel especially close to her since we've lived nearby the last year. I love her. And she has just left me for FIVE weeks! She has taken her sweet little family to the Philipinnes, leaving this yucky weather and heading to the beach. They deserve it and will have such a great time together. But, what am I expected to do? I will miss talking and texting daily. She is a strength to me. And she will miss my brand new baby. It will be two weeks old when she meets it. She has strict instructions to keep us posted, pictures and all. Love and miss you already, Kim! Follow their fun month here.


Emily said...

FIVE WEEKS?! Her kids are going to come back speaking Tagalog! How fun for them!

Congrats to you too! Sounds like pregnancy is almost over! YEAH! (And I still think your crazy for not finding out the sex!)