Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Surprise Snack

One thing all my boys love is having a surprise snack. They want me to put together a bowl or bag full of little treats for them to munch on while they are playing or watching a show. I got really annoyed with this a while back when I would get complaints about them not liking certain things I put in there. So, I told them to just go put together their own snack. That never took off. And I realized that it is just not the same. Aren't there certain things from your childhood that you remember just loving? And they are normally small, seemingly insignificant things like "surprise snacks". So, I continue on with the surprise snacks and try to remember better who likes gummy bears and who prefers fruit snacks, who would rather have peanut butter filled crackers rather than cheese...I hope my kids have good, fun memories of little nothings like this rather than memories of a crazy mom yelling at them to stop fighting!