Monday, March 8, 2010


My little bro, Tim served an LDS mission in Chile. He still has close ties there, particularly with a certain family. They are in need of help after the earthquake and Tim feels an obligation and desire to help how he can. Most of us can't help a lot, but if a lot of people help a little (even a few dollars), then we can make a difference in these good people's lives. Go here for all the info - a blog my brother started just for this cause. If anything, read the story. It is really sweet. I also love what Tim's wife, Shelbie had to say about it here on her blog.


Jason and Summer, but really just Summer said...

Our last ward activity was held on the day of this earthquake hit. As part of our activity We had a silent auction to help raise money for the humanitrian aid. Origanially I had done this because of the Haiti earthquake. I had made a slide show showing all the ruins and sad little faces that you just wanted to hold in your arms. The movie played on repeat all night. I also had blown up a whole bunch of pictures to put on the tables. That morning when I woke up to go set up for the party I heard about the Chile earthquake. I was so happy that we were going to be donating all the money that night through the humanitarian adi fund so the church could use it for the earthquake if needed. It is so scary to think of all htat is going on. I have a e-mail I'm going to forward you that we just got from our stake president. Sorry for the long comment!!