Friday, March 5, 2010

Lash Blast

Before my sister left me for over a month, we had a fun evening together. We didn't do much, but were just together. She had a few last minute things to get for their trip, so we headed to Target. One necessity was mascara. She said she had recently discovered this mascara (Lash Blast by Cover Girl) and loved it, so she bought one for me too. I have been getting mascara on for church and maybe one other time throughout the week lately. But, today I was excited to finally try this out. Plus, I was procrastinating folding laundry. She is right, it is awesome! Even on the first day. I normally hate new mascara for at least a few days, but already love this one.
Go get it! In case you care or are wondering...I curl my eyelashes before I put mascara on, two coats of mascara, then curl again (with a different lash curler), finally, separate with a straight pin. I know, dangerous, but I've done it since high school. Sometimes I have to use the pin between coats too. This doesn't all take as long as it sounds. That is my secret. Not that I have amazing eyelashes, but that is what works for me.
I could use some serious help in the rest of the eye makeup department. What's your secret? Seriously, if you have one, I need it! I stay far away from most eye shadows because I have no clue what colors or how to use them!


Kim said...

Did you exchange it for black? Can you really notice a difference or are you just being nice to me?
Want to know my secret? Accutaine (no zits) and a tan face = no make up! I honestly haven't worn anything in a week!
BTW You always have gorgeous eye make up! I stay away from eye shadow too. I'm no good at it:)

*summer* said...

I am a mascara idiot! I only use it on sundays and even then... I put one coat on and they seem to all bunch together. I will have to try this. Did you get my email back the other day? Can't wait for you to have your baby any day now right?