Sunday, November 28, 2010


My baby is 8 months old. I love everything about her. I am not kidding. I am completely obsessed with watching her, smelling her, kissing her, and more. This is not unique to her, I love my babies. Especially when they are good ones:) Last week a friend of mine had a baby. I was wishing I was her - in the hospital with a newborn to cuddle and stare at and get to know. I think I'm addicted to babies. Is there a rehab facility for someone like me? Because I can't have a baby every time my last one turns toddler on me. I need a 12 step program or something to cure me!

I remember a similar conversation with a best friend a few years ago. We decided we get the opposite of baby blues, like some sort of high. Her husband insisted she take up sky diving to replace that feeling, because he was done with babies. (They had just one more!)


Kim said...

Just keep having them! Get yourself a 15 passenger van, some khaki capris, ankle socks and a yellow shirt. I'll go garage saling with you every saturday.