Friday, October 14, 2011

Five posts in one

I have not taken pictures with my camera for a month or so, I resolve to be better.

I thought I would pull some pictures off of my phone (which explains the poor quality) for a random and small update on our lives...

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit from Colorado. Last time they brought a trombone and a unicycle (which Koby rode to school just today!) Basically, they are some of the funnest people around. This is what they brought this time...I call it the spandex tube (sounds like a trashy piece of clothing). It's fun and dangerous and hilarious for children and adults.

The two youngest found a fun new way to get clean...

Winter threatened to come early for a week so we went to Cabela's to get out of the house. It's our new bean museum, since we are far from BYU now...

Somehow, I managed to get a craft in (which means I neglected a responsibility, I'm sure). I love ribbon, so why not a looped ribbon ball to make a topiary for my girl's room? Perfect!

Saturday afternoon macaroni eating contest, followed by chocolate milk chugging and airheads. It's hard to tell, but they are each eating with both hands...heaven help me when they turn to teenagers!

Last year we sang to Koby...this year it's Spencer's turn..."All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"

Let's not forget that my amazing husband ran his first marathon...go B! He did awesome too! You would think that I would at least pull out my camera for this event, right? Wrong. I was lucky enough (for more than one reason) to run into an old friend who happens to be a fabulous photographer! Just my luck! She insisted she take a picture...thanks Emily!

Of course, there are several happenings not pictures. Like, soccer and flag football. There's just one more game each, so I guess I'll get the camera out next week! Since I'm resolving to do better, I should resolve to be a better blogger too!

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Cyndi said...

Way to go Brandon. He doesn't even look tired! I love all the pictures. The ribbon ball is so cute. Conference looks like a great time at your house. So fun to catch up.