Saturday, October 1, 2011

Successful general conference ideas for kids

If you aren't LDS (Mormon), you can still join us this weekend in watching a prophet (yes, we have one on the earth right now) and other leaders of the church. Watch it here. You will feel inspiration and peace. And, to learn more about our church and it's members, go here.

I'm trying some new ideas with my kids for General Conference this year and so far I am very pleased with our results. I thought I'd share in case you are still scrambling for ideas for tomorrow.
First, I introduced a large basket full of fun treats (beef jerky, individual sized cereal, etc) and new activities (finger painting, playdo, etc.). Each item has a picture of a member of the quorum of the 12 on it. So, when one of them speaks (which is about every 3 speakers), the kids get to find their face and pull out their new treat or activity. When it's an activity, turn it into something church-y, like sculpting temples or finger painting missionaries.
Next, new General Conference books. Every conference we draw pictures of speakers and try to take notes as best the kids can. Instead of eventually throwing these papers away, I thought we could have a permanent notebook that we pull out every conference. Eventually it will turn into more notes and less drawings (hopefully). During the very first session we used all our old Friend and Ensign magazines to make collages on the fronts of their new notebooks. an art sketch pad, they have no lines and thicker paper.
And, don't mind our "kitchen table"...the real one is being painted in the garage.
Also, we eat. We are making favorites all weekend. Pumpkin muffins for breakfast, apple dipper bar (caramel, peanut butter, cream cheese with m&m's), popcorn, scones for breakfast tomorrow....whatever your kids want!

Finally, if you really want your kids to pay attention....Backwards Bingo. We placed a treat on every bingo square. As the kids listen intently, they get to eat the candy off the square of what they hear the speaker say (temples, missionaries, prayer, prophet, etc.) Here is the link for a bingo card.

Enjoy some inspirational time with your family this weekend! I know I will.
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Nicole said...

Those are such cute ideas! I will have to remember these when I have kids someday!

Tina said...

Great ideas! You're always so creative!