Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Christmas happenings

We have been lucky enough for four years now to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert. Brandon and I go with my sister Kim and her husband John and have the best time! This year was AMAZING! I was emotional all night and went away thinking this could have been my favorite one so far. We always have GREAT seats, too! All I got was one lousy pic:(
This little girl loved the nativities this year. She is not into babies much, but WAY into animals. It was cute to see her scoot a barstool over to my collection of nativities and line up and play with the little figures. How could I get mad that I had to glue one or two back together? Look at her...

 Sunday before Christmas was seriously SO GREAT in our ward! Every single song was performed perfectly (solos, duets, choir, violin duets, harp duets, flute solo, and on and on). I hate to narrow it down, but a week later the songs that stick out to me the most are Carol of the Bells performed by our ward choir, Oh Holy Night solo sung by a young man in our ward and accompanied by his brother pounding it out and mouthing the words:), Father/Son violin duet (Sadly, I can't remember the song), and of course the grand finale of the Hallelujah Chorus sung by the ward choir and anyone who wanted to join them on stage (not me..I like to enjoy from the audience). My kids kept asking if I was crying and why. Serious talent in our ward!
Here is our family after church...


josh and stef said...

Cute family pictures. Cameron looks just like Clay.

Brigette Russell said...

Cami and Brandon!

I CANNNOT believe how big everyone is getting!

Cami, sorry to hear you were SO sick during Christmas, that doesn't sound fun at all - expecially for an amazingly Christmas-ly spirited Mom, like you!

Great pictures, thank you for sharing!