Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kids these days

My youngest bro Jonny and his friend Chaz have been growing their hair out for a special summer do. Jonny is a total goof-ball and keep us laughing - lots of times with his clothes. Of course, to him, we are totally "out of it" and don't understand the fashion today. I admit that I am guilty of not getting the high school boys' fashion, and that's okay with me. So, they wanted to do something funny and old school. Jonny's "before" hair was a longer version of what you saw a few months back - here, when he could pass as my grandma from the back.
Here is the end result...(neither of the pictures do them justice)

We decided that Jonny looked like a white trash child molester. We had a lot more fun with it once the picture was taken, but you get the basic idea.
Chaz is bringing the bowl back. Now, I may be an "oldie", but not old enough to have been doing hair when this style had it's hayday. I was critized for doing it too perfect and really had to constrain myself to not blend.
I love the way these boys have fun. Chaz's mom wasn't too crazy about his free haircut, but she should count herself lucky that this is the kind of trouble he gets himself into!


Katie Smith said...

That is hilarious! Your brother's hair is SO curly...just like yours. And very true that if that is the kind of 'trouble' they are getting into Chaz's mom should be happy.

I've missed you but Brianna said you had a sick child. She even mentioned that you were worried it was swine flu!! Eeek. Don't you hate it when parents bring their sick kids? It makes me CRAZY!! Don't hate, but I won't be there tomorrow...tear...we're going to be at a wedding. The wedding starts at 11:00 and don't think I didn't try to figure out how I could still teach and get there on time. Yeah right!

See you Saturday?