Monday, May 31, 2010

3, finally!

My baby boy is 3 today! Hooray! Having two older brothers, he has been a little more advanced in some areas. This for example is a big one. Plus, after these episodes, he is now fully potty trained. And, he was a piece of cake. It was maybe a week and three "accidents" and he was done! I deserve it after my first two potty training experiences. My point is that he has seemed three for a long time already.
My sister Kim and her husband John had this theory (according to their children) that naughty babies make for wonderful toddlers. And good babies make for challenging toddlers. But, Clay has defied this. He was a breeze as a baby and an absolute joy as a toddler. Clay has been the exact opposite of the "terrible twos." Everyone needs an entertaining Clay at their house. Everyone!
I love being Clay's mom. He is my good little buddy.
He came down the stairs this morning clapping for himself when he saw his birthday decorations. Then he realized that everyone in the neighborhood had flags in their yards for his birthday (not for memorial day)! I love this boy!


Janet said...

Happy Birthday, Clay!

Rich's birthday is on September 5th, near Labor Day and his mom always told him the flags were out for his birthday!

Julie said...

Happy Day! :)

Jason and Summer, but really just Summer said...

I can't belive he is three! We just looked at the box of pictures a few weeks ago and I found the pictures of when he was born and we came to see you at the hospital. He is a cutie!

It was so nice to see you guys. Wish we could of stayed longer and that the kids would of let us play more than one game. Oh the good ol' days of staying up all night and not having all that we do on our plates.

Charity said...

Happy Birthday Clay!