Sunday, August 28, 2011

Words to live by

Last year, like a lot of you, our family had a theme for the school year. It was "I can do hard things". We had fun introducing it and reminding our children about it throughout the year. We decided we like this tradition and will continue it.

Earlier this year I made a sign that I thought was a good motto for my family to ALWAYS live by. We decided that this would be a great theme for the school year. But, mind you, it will never go away because it is true...."BE GOOD AND YOU'LL BE HAPPY!" That's it. Simple. To the point. True. Things will not always be easy, they may not always go the way we plan or want them to, but we can have peace and happiness when we make the right choices. We didn't have any super cute activity or anything to introduce the theme this time. We simply talked about how when we make good choices, our Heavenly Father and Jesus are pleased and we have the holy ghost in our lives. This is what brings true happiness.


Mona said...

Kudos to you for this. I would always, and still do, tell my children that if they will think of others and do for others before themselves, that life will be happier and more meaningful. Great idea to have a theme every year.